Co-working Space for 1~ 5 people

Hot desks / Meeting room / Lounge

Every kind of space you need for work

Monthly membership

Smart office optimized for small teams

Hapoom Singles members get 50% off for hot desks

24-hour a/c / internet / all-in-one printer access




​ Room ​


 Private Room 

​ for 4 people 1,380,000/Month ㅣ for 5 people 1,580,000/Month 



 Hot Desk 

​ KRW 180,000/Month 


 Dedicated desk 

 ​KRW 560,000/Month 

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About Hapoom

What Hapoom puts first when building \

co-living houses and co-working offices

1 Good people, lively community 2 Clean and well-maintained facilities for everyone to share 3 Safe neighborhood, convenient location 4 Affordable price Hapoom offers the best living and working space in the center of Seoul,

close to metro stations but with affordable price


• ​​Tired of looking for houses and

committing to long-term contracts?

• ​Need more storage space and

a cozy place to lay back and chill?

• Is getting furniture and household electronics

for yourself a bit "too much?"

• ​Looking for opportunities to meet new people?

Private Studio

• ​Tired of pulling all-nighters in a tiny office?

• ​Looking for more storage space ?

or need space for your photo shooting?

• In need of a studio close to the metro station

with an afforadable price tag?

• ​Does going out for food breaks disrupt your workflow?

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