Co-living & Co-working space

A speciallized studio for professionals



카페와 정원이 매력적인 대저택

강남 라이프를 만끽하는 공유하우스

Co-living space

A vibrant community house of passionate individual

HAPOOM started with Hapoom House 1 and 2 in Gangnam, Seoul, in 2017.

We are a startup that designs and operates the hottest co-living apartments & co-working offices in Seoul. Hapoom Singles, our 3rd branch, offers an even more optimized lifestle by providing both co-living and co-working services.

People go on trips, relocate to a new city, or go looking for a new job because we are hungry for new experiences and exciting encounters.

Hapoom started with this question: "How can people share inspiration with diverse people they'd never meet otherwise, in a cozy house, at a lively office, or out on a terrace on a sunny afternoon, all with a spacious cafe and kitchen? ”


The coexistence of private and communal spaces, Convenient work spaces optimized for creative professionals. Enjoy both co-living and co-working at Hapoom.

What is it that you want? What kind of life do you want to live?

We support your dreams and challenges!

Hapoom Vision

Cherish every moment


​Live together

Live green

Live fun

Love your journey,

Love your lifestyle!

Wanna join us?

A lively, inspiring community


Hapoom does not admit everyone that knocks on our doors. We make sure that the community is built on good neighbors and good friends by conducting interviews for each application. With community events and parties, have joy be a part of your everyday life.

Hapoom culture

Become one of us, and find yourself!


The Hapoom crew is always ready to help you focus on seizing new opportunities and find your passion. The culture we want to foster at Hapoom is one of support and learning. Hapoom grows alongside our members. The warmth and laughter filling our space is what we value most.

Our investors





Hapoom Crew


Hapoom works with...


Fast learners who are quick to absorb new things, who analyze previous moves for a better one next time.


Teammates who enjoy teamwork with an optimistic attitude, that go beyond what they are told to do.


Candid people who own up to their own mistakes, but are confident in their ability to prove themselves in other ways.


Communicators who are happy to get their opinion across to the entire team with a logical explanation.


People who are proud to be part of a team where the best products are made, who believe they grow with the company.


Hard workers who don't settle for less, who are confident but humble, who strive to make the world and themselves better everyday.

정원 1.jpg

February, 2018

"셰어하우스는 나눠 쓰는 공간

​아닌 같이 사는 집"

하품은 ‘하우스, 꿈을 품다’란 뜻이다. 사실 하품의 장점은 저렴한 월세도, 근사한 집도 아니다. 입주자들은 친구를 사귀고 멘토를 만날 수 있다는 점을 가장 큰 매력으로 꼽는다.

December 22, 2017

정원·테라스 딸린 '강남주택'

청춘에 선물

"청년 주거문제가 너무 심각하잖아요. 강남역 역세권의 정원이 있는 주택에 청년을 위한 셰어하우스를 만든다는 건 정말 쉽지 않은 도전이었어요."

다인실 8인실 가로.jpg

November 5, 2017

공동체 주택,

​'셰어하우스'가 뜬다

대학생이면서 최근 창업에 성공한 김정욱(25) 씨는 대저택 같은 집 내부 카페에 들러 일과를 구상한다. 커피를 마시면서 아름답게 물들고 있는 가을 정원을 바라보는 것도 큰 즐거움이다.